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Essex wine tasting Brentwood

Wine Tasting

With each of my wine tastings, you'll receive  3 x 75ml of Wine in a tasting glass. I'll supply you with a tasting sheet and pens so you can write down all the details for future reference when choosing your wines to buy! I will talk you through each wine in a fun, informative way and answer any questions you may have. I intend for all my customers to have fun and enjoy the wine;  Exactly how the winemakers intended! 

 From £45pp. Take your pick of the offerings below. 

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White Wine Tasting

As a lover of White wine (who isn't!?) I enjoy unique wines that go under the radar. I've chosen 3 delicious White Wines for this tasting, all from different regions, different grapes & with differing characteristics. 

Essex White Wine Tasting

Summer Wine Tasting

This tasting of 2 White wines & 1 Rosé wine is exactly what you need for these warm, Summer afternoons and evenings. 3 light, easy drinking delights! 

Wine tasting in Essex

Red Wine Tasting

It may be summer, but Red wine is ALWAYS  a good idea! I get so bored of seeing the same wines shown on wine lists when I'm out, so i've chose 3 unique Reds for you to try from around the world. 

Essex Red Wine Tasting

Trio Wine Tasting. 

A perfect trio of  different coloured wines- White, Red & Rosé. Be assured I have chosen each wine carefully to ensure you have the opportunity to taste a wine you may not have seen or tried before! 

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